Diagnosis and Assessment

Dr. Whitney employs a highly effective, multidisciplinary approach to the evaluation and diagnosis of neurodevelopmental disorders, which includes autism spectrum disorders. Dr. Whitney gives complete attention to each individual's comprehensive diagnostic evaluation, program consultation, social group, individual counseling and intervention performed. As licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Whitney has received the highest level of training at the doctoral and post-doctoral fellowship levels, which allows him to provide each family the needed care in order to recognize and assist in the remediation of complex problems that can occur in daily living.

Dr. Whitney’s Forensic Psychology Consultation Practice

 Dr. Whitney’s unique training and experience in clinical psychology, developmental psychology, forensic psychology, and psychometrics, as well as decades of clinical practice experience allow him to clearly communicate in writing and speech the basic science that will support forensic cases in the courts, the media, and community settings. Dr. Whitney continually strives to maintain his professional integrity and objectivity against all challenges to both that life brings.

 In criminal matters, Dr. Whitney evaluates cases on behalf of prosecutors, defense attorneys, or the court. In civil matters, Dr. Whitney evaluates cases on behalf of either plaintiff or defense.

 Forensic Psychology

 Forensic psychologists cover nearly the same range of issues as forensic psychiatrists, with the exception of psychopharmacology. In addition, they have specialized expertise in the administration, scoring, and interpretation of psychological tests and the related field of psychometrics.

 Child & Adolescent Forensic Psychiatry

 Child and adolescent forensic psychiatrists are also trained in adult psychiatry and may handle the full range of topics covered by forensic psychiatrists. In addition, they have specialized expertise regarding:

  • Mental disorders in children and adolescents

  • Interviewing children and adolescents

  • Children as witnesses

  • Effects of child abuse

  • Effects of child sexual abuse

  • False allegations by children

  • Child custody, divorce, adoption, and foster care

  • School, college, and university bullying, threats, and violence

  • Juvenile offenders

  • Juvenile adjudicative competence

  • Competence to confess

  • Criminal responsibility

  • Conduct disorder

  • ADHD

  • Autism spectrum disorders

  • Fetal alcohol syndrome

  • Juvenile waivers to adult court

  • Juvenile justice

  • Termination of parental rights

  • Adoption

  • Foster care

 Criminal Experience

 Dr. Whitney has testified in 50 to 100 civil and criminal matters on a wide array of issues. Dr. Whitney has testified or consulted in criminal matters of national interest.

 Civil Experience

 Dr. Whitney has testified or given deposition to determine damages for special education students, internet crimes, physical offenses against children, sexual offenses against children, and developmental disabilities impact related to responsibility for behaviors.

Follow-up Services

Dr. Whitney offers comprehensive behavioral services to individual's and their families. Intervention services include skill building groups for children, adolescents and adults with neurodevelopmental differences, individual and parent therapy, therapy for children (as young as 18 months), adolescents and adults.

Dr. Whitney's philosophy (Medical Home Model) recognizes that individuals with developmental differences, including autism spectrum disorders, require comprehensive intervention services that are often delivered through community programs, such as school systems and community service agencies. However, these programs can benefit significantly from a specific, directive treatment planning that is reviewed regularly with reasonable goals and consistent outcomes.

Health care professionals within the broad Atlanta / North Fulton community work closely with Dr. Whitney to provide integrated care. Dr. Whitney's practice is open weekdays, with some exceptions. Families interested in having individuals seen by Dr. Whitney should contact the office at 770-442-9447, extension 112.

Research into the causes and most effective treatments for these disorders is a critical function of Dr. Whitney's practice. Dr. Whitney works with many professionals across the United States to provide empirically based services. Dr. Whitney also welcomes your participation in our clinical research studies.

Thank you for your support and commitment.


Tyler T. Whitney, Psy.D.

Licensed Psychologist (Georgia, Utah)