Asperger’s Syndrome and the Criminal Law: The Special Case of Child Pornography

by Stephen Forsyth

For years parents of children with Asperger’s Syndrome (AS) struggle and sacrifice in the simple hope that their child can lead a “normal” life – get an education, have a satisfying career, and raise a family. The child has such hopes, too. Finding the right schools, curriculum, and therapists, and struggling constantly to teach the child the social conventions and interpersonal skills which neurotypical youth learn on their own, is an exhausting and expensive venture. Read the full article here

Specialty clinics offer complete care for adults with autism

by Stephen Forsyth

Logan Madsen is an artist with Miller syndrome, a rare genetic condition marked by limb deformities (he has eight fingers and eight toes), hearing impairment, breathing difficulties and painful joint problems. He also has autism and severe depression.

Madsen, 37, had been seeing a psychiatrist for the depression since he was 13 years old, but wasn’t diagnosed with autism until he was in his mid-20s. His various doctors often failed to take into account his spectrum of conditions.  Read the full article here.

Customized Training and Consultation to Facilities, Clinics, and Schools

by Stephen Forsyth

Dr. Whitney can establish contracts with outpatient clinics, residential or therapeutic programs, and school districts who are seeking training for children with an autism spectrum disorder in their homes, community programming, and classrooms. Training can include assessment and diagnosis of individuals as well as setting up individualized treatment programs or accommodating the environment. Dr. Whitney can rely on multidisciplinary input (physician, school, speech, occupational and physical therapy, as well as the family) and will utilize a medical home model approach with each family.